The Secret Teachings 3/29/15 – The Occult Origins of Easter (Ostara)

Posted by Ryan Gable on Sunday, 19 of April , 2015 at 10:38 pm

Join The Secret Teachings as host Ryan Gable is joined by Ira Robinson, host of Open Eyes Radio, to discuss the Occult origins of Easter, and the traditions of the Rabbit, Eggs, Early Mass, Egg Hunting, and the various pagan fertility symbols associated with the Spring and the rebirth of the Earth Mother. Ryan will be joined in the final hour by Mike D. to discuss current events.

Silly Rabbit

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The show focuses on the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Health (including GMO & Organic), Alternative (ancient) History, the Paranormal, Astrotheology (Religion & Astronomy), Transhumanism, Alchemy, Artificial Intelligence, Science, the Occult, Magic(k), Politics, Symbolism, Philosophy, the Esoteric, and the Secret Doctrine.